Although my vocation is to help individuals by providing a sailing adventure, create fellowship, relieve painful memories, challenge and ‘grow’ to another level; others have come to help me exactly when needed.

A year ago a captain I had never met sent someone when I was on board alone. She worked very hard completing all sorts of tasks undaunted.

Two homeless people came to Christmas dinner this year. One was a Hungarian living on a boat too small to stand up in. Meeting the other reminded me he had come when I was desperately short of help when the main mast had to come out on our schooner. We had to exit two locks to the River Mersey then enter a lock a short distance upriver. The dock where the mast was to be lifted was very awkward and we had to enter backwards at right-angles due to a hammerhead marina pontoon that had been installed right in the way. The dock had almost no bollards; two feet longer and we could not have entered! To cut costs we had to reverse the process and return when the work was finished.

Widespread frequent communication and networking has produced just enough help for our charity to survive over many years. Quite amazing!