I am old so only have limited time left to change peoples’ lives (for the better)! I know that I am most effective when skippering a sailing vessel full of people. Then I am in my element. So I need to concentrate on actual sailing. I would still consider any situation to serve temporarily but would prefer longer term to be in my own element.

A New Proposal

For the last fifty years there has been an acute shortage of Technical Marine Engineers so that Chief Engineers at sea are paid more than Masters. Friends ashore tell me that almost no professional engineers have entered their industries from Britain for many decades. They all come from countries far away.

This means that many missions have severe safety problems and also find running vessels reliably very difficult and repairs very costly through neglect of equipment. This has caused numerous missions to fail. A couple of years ago one major motor vessel said they would cease operating until they had found a suitable Chief Engineer or else give up altogether.

Whilst skippering one sailing vessel full time, I propose to offer a technical engineering consultancy service to a number of mission vessels. I would need to attend initially to assess each vessel, supervise creating a planned maintenance system, set up record logs and standard operating systems and then advise by email throughout the year monitoring progress. This way I could help many vessels achieve effective repairs and maintenance in the most cost effective and safe way.