I am involved with the healing ministry ‘Wholeness Through Christ’, that offers Christian counselling at peaceful places throughout England and abroad. Widespread prayer in more than one country begins a month before, during the retreat, and for about a month afterwards for each location. Those attending take it in turns to receive ministry from 2 or 3 others in private groups, whilst the others pray in the main room. All those praying, wherever they may be, send any words of knowledge or pictures to the ministry groups. I believe it is the power of prayer that makes this the most effective of healing ministries with frequent miracles. Thanks be to God.

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Support Letter Jan 05

Since I left ‘Genevieve Challenge’, a number of people wrote to me, outraged by the way I was treated. However, a long-term missionary friend said it was not unusual, in his experience, for those serving the Lord to be treated in such a way. I do not believe that the reasons given to me were the real reasons. It is human for people to react in certain ways, which I feel can best be explained by the following story: –

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