Want to get away from it all?

Retreat from stress, noise, work, telephone calls, traffic, bills, responsibilities, letters, parking problems, queues and junk mail?

There is no more relaxing way to escape than to sail away to deserted islands aboard a Christian schooner. Unwind in God’s natural beautiful surroundings. Help sail a classic vessel, soak up the sun on the beach, snorkel in the crystal clear waters for seashells, explore caves, see dolphins, take photographs from the mast top, be towed in the sea, cliff jump, dive in crystal clear waters, listen to daily devotions and anchor in a quiet cove for a barbecue watching the sun set. Sing around the camp fire. Sleep on the beach under the stars. Return refreshed with God’s vision for your life. All the crew are volunteers and we operate as a registered charity. Further details: [email protected]

YWAM ‘Next Wave’

This letter is written to those offering prayer support 8 February 2014

My YWAM Drakenberg Discipleship Training School team went to Nigeria (where I could not go due to my medication) and then for a short time in South Africa before going on to Zimpeto outside Maputo, Mozambique with Iris Ministries founded by the amazing Heidi Baker.

I was able to go to skipper YWAM Next Wave not only to complete my outreach phase but to enable Brian Sloan, International Director, to concentrate on complying with the new Marine Labour Convention rules that come into effect in July. This will affect both Next Wave and Soteria. I sailed from Malta to Piraeus and will shortly sail through the Greek islands to Turkey and then Cyprus.

From Next Wave visits have been made to a safe house for prostitutes in Athens and to forge links with local churches both there and Piraeus where the vessel is berthed.

Since the austerity measures in Greece in the last 6 years prices have arisen dramatically. A number of new unexpected charges have arisen. When we wanted to anchor on the coast to save marina berthing fees, we discovered we were to be charged €100 per night just for that!

We helped to distribute food, hot drinks and clothes outside a nearby church which has been operating this outreach for nearly a year.

Please pray: –

  • That Soteria’s winter renovation will be complete for the coming season when I return
  • That my current shortfall in personal funding of £500 will be made up
  • That I may secure regular funding to enable my ministry to continue

If you wish to donate please credit the following account:

Account Name C J Wren
Account Number 61342363
Account Sorting Code 40-47-75

Thank God for the encouraging feedback from those on board: –

Thanks for being a great captain, and I appreciate the advice you’ve given us.

Thanks: your calm and precise directions during the sail were exactly what was needed. Thank you for your patience and willingness to teach.

Thank you for your calming spirit and gentleness. It was so needed and appreciated. I got the word ‘wise’ when I was praying for you. You have so much wisdom to give and share and it is needed and valued.

Chris I’ve had fun chatting with you every once in a while. You are full of knowledge and insight into many things. Your ability to keep calm during stressful parts of the sail is what kept me from losing my sanity. You are a great captain.

You are a joy and a blessing. I learnt many things from you being captain.
Thank you for always being so helpful and calm. You always knew how to lighten the mood with a funny story; those were much appreciated on the sail. Thank you for being such an amazing captain!

Thank you for bring such a calm spirit and attitude during the sail and life on the boat. I appreciated your kindness to me and to the whole team.

Chris thanks so much for all your experience and patience with us in the sail. You’re a legend!

Chris! You’re probably the greatest captain there is. Thanks for your humour and putting me at ease during the storm.


Schooner Soteria

Back To Our Home Port!

This letter is written to those offering prayer support 6 December 2012

We sailed without engine from La Coruna to Weymouth where we were to stay during the Paralympics. Here we berthed alongside YWAM ‘Next Wave’ and supported those engaged in the ‘Refresh’ beach outreach. One sound engineer commented that he had never slept on a ‘shelf’ before!

However on the way we tried to enter the new marina at Roscoff called Bloscon. Only one pilot book showed it, with an entrance to the south. We tacked back and forth in very strong winds which was good practice for our crew until we finally came close. A marina member came out in a RIB. “Are you lost?” he said, as though no-one would want to enter such a place deliberately! It turned out they had built it with the only entrance to the north – completely impossible for us with no engine. So we scudded downwind to St Peter Port [see last newsletter].

We continued without engine to Fowey for a new engine to be fitted. It was supposed to take 2 weeks, but complications meant it took more than twice as long. But what a lovely place!

For the first time we had a full crew for our voyage back to La Gomera. What a lovely and interesting crew they were too with appreciation and consideration at a high level.
Crossing Biscay did not seem to frighten them too much although I felt very sorry for them with wet bunks and clothes through deck leaks. I was aware that we had not completed all the repairs by any means but it was much worse than expected. We had some fast sails but at one point the wind was not as forecast and we ended up beating, making slow progress. I used a good deal of fuel to speed up our arrival at La Coruna much to the relief of the crew. On my Facebook page you will see that the sails came down and the washing went up!

One problem is that crew coming on board donate so very little because they have no idea of the costs of running a boat.
Then they feel they are coming on board to benefit the owner. They do not understand the philosophy behind the boat being run for them: that the owner and permanent crew are serving them [without pay]!

Please pray: –

  • That finance will be forthcoming as we have run out of funds
  • That carpenters will come forward to help with deck re-caulking
  • That we will be ready to leave for the Irish Tall Ships tour in the Spring
  • That crew will volunteer to help.


YWAM Soteria

Now we are in Weymouth and urgently need a volunteer carpenter to re-caulk the decks and coachroofs. This is essential to keep crew and belongings dry! We expect to sail to Fowey on 9.9.12 to fit a new engine!

Please pray for supporters to come forward to help with the many different tasks!


Promoter needed!

We need a volunteer to promote trips aboard ‘Soteria’ involving marketing, networking, brochures, taking bookings and administration over the Internet. It is an essential role we cannot carry out at sea and so is our link with the shore, communicating and seeking individual guests or groups. We would also hope that such a person could chase orders for spare parts for the boat. Location is not important as long as there is a good continuous Internet connection.