Back To Our Home Port!

This letter is written to those offering prayer support 6 December 2012

We sailed without engine from La Coruna to Weymouth where we were to stay during the Paralympics. Here we berthed alongside YWAM ‘Next Wave’ and supported those engaged in the ‘Refresh’ beach outreach. One sound engineer commented that he had never slept on a ‘shelf’ before!

However on the way we tried to enter the new marina at Roscoff called Bloscon. Only one pilot book showed it, with an entrance to the south. We tacked back and forth in very strong winds which was good practice for our crew until we finally came close. A marina member came out in a RIB. “Are you lost?” he said, as though no-one would want to enter such a place deliberately! It turned out they had built it with the only entrance to the north – completely impossible for us with no engine. So we scudded downwind to St Peter Port [see last newsletter].

We continued without engine to Fowey for a new engine to be fitted. It was supposed to take 2 weeks, but complications meant it took more than twice as long. But what a lovely place!

For the first time we had a full crew for our voyage back to La Gomera. What a lovely and interesting crew they were too with appreciation and consideration at a high level.
Crossing Biscay did not seem to frighten them too much although I felt very sorry for them with wet bunks and clothes through deck leaks. I was aware that we had not completed all the repairs by any means but it was much worse than expected. We had some fast sails but at one point the wind was not as forecast and we ended up beating, making slow progress. I used a good deal of fuel to speed up our arrival at La Coruna much to the relief of the crew. On my Facebook page you will see that the sails came down and the washing went up!

One problem is that crew coming on board donate so very little because they have no idea of the costs of running a boat.
Then they feel they are coming on board to benefit the owner. They do not understand the philosophy behind the boat being run for them: that the owner and permanent crew are serving them [without pay]!

Please pray: –

  • That finance will be forthcoming as we have run out of funds
  • That carpenters will come forward to help with deck re-caulking
  • That we will be ready to leave for the Irish Tall Ships tour in the Spring
  • That crew will volunteer to help.