M.S. ‘Dolphin’ 100ft squaresail ketch Abeking & Rasmussen (Photos)
T.S.D.Y. ‘Deux Jabet’ 70ft wood
M.Y. ‘Piscator’ 110ft steel from Norway
M.Y. ‘Pet Tale’ 110ft
T.D.Y. ‘Le Toff’ 63ft Doggersbank 1930 steel trawler yacht of 75tons (Photos)
M.S. ‘Charlotte W’ 52ft Moody (Halmatic GRP)
T.S.D.Y. ‘Blue Aquarius’ 65ft Posillipo Technema (GRP)
S.Y. ‘Too Extravagant’ 47ft Sparkman & Stephens
T.S.D.Y. ‘Gabel’ 77ft Technomarine
S.V. ‘Silvery Light’ 1884 78ft ex herring drifter (Photos)
T.S. ‘Royalist’ 95ft brig
S.Y. ‘Multiple Challenge’ 37ft Prout catamaran – Multiple Sclerosis Society
S.Y. ‘Multiple Challenge’ 47ft Bavaria – Multiple Sclerosis Society
S.Y. ‘Elan Adventurer’ Elan 46ft sail training
T.S. ‘Morning Star of Revelation’ 62ft gaff ketch ferro-cement (Photos)
M.Y. ‘Thunder A’ 163ft Oceanfast triple water-jet (Photos)
S.Y. ‘Spirit of Britannia’ 1915 60ft gaff cutter
S.Y. ‘Genevieve Challenge’ 93ft gaff schooner from Zimbabwe (Photos)
S.Y. ‘Four Sisters’ 56ft ketch from Morocco
S.Y. ‘Sh’khinah’ 60ft ketch from New Zealand (Photos)
M.S. ‘Klevia’
S.Y. ‘Southern Cross’ 88ft Sparkman & Stephens cutter in Turkey (Photos)
S.Y. ‘Seahawk’ 53ft Hood designed racing yawl in South Pacific (Photos)
T.S. Schooner ‘Soteria’ 1932 Danish built of 60 tons. (Photos)
T.S. ‘Next Wave’ – 137ft 271 tons (Photos)
T.S. ‘Ruach’ – 121ft 170 tons
T.S. ‘Lady of Avenel’ 102ft
M.Y. ‘Spirit of Fortitude’ 110ft
T.S. ‘Royal Helena’ 178ft 402 tons
T.S. ‘Atyla’ 101ft
T.S. ‘Brian Boru’ 65ft
T.S. ‘Volharding’ 96ft
T.S. ‘Britta’ 104ft