Chris Wren
Chris Wren

Changing Lives Through Sail-Training for Over 25 Years!

Available to Christian charities on an expenses-only basis.

2018: Sailed on ‘Royal Helena’

2017: Sailed on ‘Lady of Avenel’

Since 2016 sailed on ‘Ruach‘ in addition to the other 2 vessels.

Since 2014 sailed on ‘Next Wave‘ as well as ‘Soteria‘.

Since April 2011 I have been working on the schooner ‘Soteria now linked with YWAM.

Previously served on Genevieve Challenge now called EncounterSailaway project. Read some Guest Feedback.

Living Journey Sailing Expedition

Also involved with Fishing boats to Sudan and the Four Sisters projects.


View a list of my certificates.

Further details: email me or Fax +44(0)7092 173673